I hope you’re not stuck with this problem, but if you are, don’t panic! It’s easy to fix a clogged toilet—you just need to know what the problem is and how to fix it. Here are some tips for how to fix a clogged toilet without calling in the plumber or renting an expensive machine that may or may not work as well as you want it to. As long as you take your time and use patience, there’s no reason why your clogged toilet can’t be running like new again in no time at all! One quick note, keeping yourself organized will make this whole process easier, so get a head start and keep yourself stocked!

Check the Tank

1. Turn off the water supply If you turn off the water supply first, it will be easier to loosen any remaining toilet paper that is blocking the drain.

2. Add some chemical cleaner Follow the instructions on your bottle of cleaning solution and pour it into the bowl.

3. Let it sit for about 5 minutes Depending on how clogged your toilet is, you may need to let it sit longer than five minutes for things to start flowing smoothly again; however, don’t wait too long before starting your next step or things will get worse!

Flush Again

1. Fill the toilet bowl with a few inches of water and let it sit for 30 minutes, which will loosen any waste or paper clogging the drain.

2. Use a plunger on the unclogged part of the toilet until you have cleared all areas of blockage. Give it a couple of good squeezes over each area as needed until the water can flush normally from your clogged toilet’s pipe.

Remove the Lid

First, remove the lid. Now use a plunger, or you can use your hand if there is no clog and it is just a matter of removing water. The plunger will create suction that removes any blockages on the inside of the toilet bowl while your hand will push the water out. Repeat this step as necessary to remove any clogs and clean the toilet bowl with a solution like Borax, baking soda, borax with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or lemon juice before replacing the lid back on top. Be sure to place a towel underneath the toilet before you get started just in case of any spills!

Use a Plunger

The most basic solution for unclogging a toilet is using a plunger. Place the plunger firmly over the drain, securing it with your hand on the other side of the plunger head and plunge up and down 10-15 times. This may be sufficient for plunging out any debris that is causing the blockage. Another method of toilet unblocking is by pouring a potful of boiling water into the overflow pipe until you hear and see it rushing down into the bowl below. When done right, this could heat up whatever’s blocking your pipes enough to melt it away or loosen it up so that you can pull it out with your plunging action or via snaking or another method.